The creation of a “Glamour skull” – the video


Movie on 2015-03-22 at 3.48 PM

The creation process – “The Bohemian”

One of the early originals, “The Bohemian” was a part of Blush n Bones “Sugar skull” creations

Nearly two years ago, the website of Blush n Bones consisted of approximately 10 sugar skulls – or an altered version, which included Swarovski crystal, and vintage jewelry.  A very distinctive impression of the sugar skull or (Calavera).  Although every skull is sculpted differently and never duplicated, they have transitioned towards features with more definition and depth. 

The earlier work truly was an extraordinary version of sugar skulls – which are feminine and glamorous, but softer in the facial structure.  The current work explodes with a flamboyant edge and captivates an audience drawn towards fascination of these gorgeous skull creations.