“Royal Raven” video

Movie on 2016-11-16 at 9.07 PM

“Royal Raven”

“Royal Raven” is an outrageous glamour skull with a large magnificent black feathered mow-hawk.  In stating the obvious; it is definitely a conversation piece and commands attention when displayed in any room.  One of the “Blush n Bones” most cherished sugar skulls, as the attention to detail was endless.  The head-dress is constructed to create dimensional height for each jewelled feather cluster (8 in total).  The layered design is a combination of hand painted petals and leaves overlapping a black repetitive design.  There were continuous layers to create depth in the glaze and pattern throughout.  The choker is made of several large metal chains – all in various links and tones, combined with several black crystal beads.  An absolutely stunning version of the sugar skull – in which is considered part of the “Glamour Skull” collection of “Blush n Bones”.