“Stag Party” in process


The two new and latest additions to the Glamour Skull collection ….

Unnamed and in progress

“Stag Party” will be the new dazzling additions to blushnbones.com

Roses and horns adorn these gorgeous creations

“Divine” Stag Party








“Stag Party” is a dazzling addition to the Glamour Skull collection of Blush n Bones by Cindy Fair.  They combine wild tones of the horned beasts, roses and are adorned with Swarovski Crystal.  These amazing skulls are detailed to create captivation by the audience who is fascinated by the beauty of skull culture or simply intrigued by the unusual uniqueness of this world of art.  It combines Day of the Dead, sugar skull, fantasy and mysticism into a opulent creation of the Glamour Skulls of Blush n Bones.