“Siberia” Stag Party

Hand sculpted by Cindy Fair of blushnbones.com

Materials: Clay, Swarovski Crystals

Measurements:  Height: 16 inches (from top of antlers)   Circumference: 24 inches

*professional photos in progress – quick shot from blushnbones. studio

“Siberia” Stag Party is the second of this series being a part of the Blush n Bones glamour skull collection.  The largest of sculpted pieces, it is a brilliant (painted) chrome base with a large floral collar and headdress in deep teal and turquoise tones.  The horns are adorned with countless Swarovski crystals, which range in colours of sapphire, smoke, granite and grey tones.  This is the most captivating glamour skull ever created by Cindy Fair of Blush n Bones.com … A version of Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” sugar skull converted to an original and uniquely hand crafted “Glamour Skull” by Cindy Fair of blushnbones.com


Photo prior to completion, “unnamed” at this stage.